For client projects, I use professional upholstery companies to make custom furniture designs come to life. One of the fun aspects of hiring an Interior Designer is that we can design things that no one else has in their home. Custom pieces are completely unique to you, and you won't see it at your neighbor's house or even your friend's house across the country. Do you have a space that requires furniture of a particular height? Go custom. Do you like something you've seen but you wish it came in other colors? Go custom. And if you're really feeling risky, go custom DIY and get dusty with some power tools!

I am constantly saving images on Instagram as future project inspiration. About six months ago, I saved the image above from Noa Santos of a burnt orange bed that I will never forget- just jaw dropping. He designed it to lay flush against an orange suede wall, and I have been thinking about this bed ever since I saw it. I moved to Austin 10 days ago and I'm starting to decorate my boyfriend and I's apartment. Our bedroom is a unique shape, and after crossing off a few other bed styles, I think the only option is to go full Noa Santos glam with a DIY floor to ceiling headboard. 

I am making some edits for my design- The headboard will be two vertical panels between the cylindrical posts, and the bed frame will be a slimmer design with legs and a box spring. I purchased nine yards of a blue polyester chenille fabric, an upholstered bed base, and 2" of foam backing. After we unpack more moving boxes this week, I'll clear some space for this massive project and purchase the plywood, PVC pipes, mounting hardware, and staple gun.

I will say, this is not my first headboard! About seven years ago, I made a multi-tier pink velvet headboard. It traveled from Oklahoma City to Dallas to New York, so it's definitely time for a new look. I'll use my knowledge from that headboard to make this one easier to transport, and give it better mounting hardware. So here's to hoping I'm just as in-love with this one. Follow along on my Instagram page to see video updates of the project.