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Chandler Helms

Chandler Helms

As a New York City designer, Chandler Helms has a unique set of influences, drawn from her background in fashion and her extensive travels in Asia, Europe and the Americas. She has found a unique blend of design in interiors and art. One is functional and one is purely visual, but they both tell a cohesive story.

Chandler combines a playful approach to interiors with a keen interest in architecture, curves and how both play into design and staging. She is fascinated by new spaces, and always seeks to identify and release their latent emotions through form, light and color.  Her style is a mixture of vibrant contemporary and modern sophistication, however, her portfolio shows the diverse styles of her clients that she has created.

In artwork, Chandler’s focus is on voice and visual storytelling. She produces most work in acrylic and resin, but she has mastered many art mediums, including but not limited to, fabric, woven Inclusion and messaging are at the the forefront of her visual work. 

Prior to starting in interior design, Chandler received two degrees from Southern Methodist University in Fashion Media and French. After university, Chandler was a successful wholesale sales rep in New York for leading fashion brands and also launched a fashion tech company.